Summer Math Fun Ideas:

Ways to add math to your summer FUN. 

  • Cook or bake together and talk about the fractions, temperatures
  • Have them cut sandwiches into halves, thirds, or fourths.
  • Play board games and have students add the two dice or multiply to help practice math facts while enjoying the game
  • Campout in the backyard, and read stories together with a lantern.
  • Have a scavenger hunt for finding different shapes on your walk or drive
  • Go shopping together and have your child add the price of two items together, or give them a calculator and let them add up the price of ALL the items you are buying.
  • Go grocery shopping and have your child do some mental math, by rounding the price to the nearest dollar and mentally add the items.
  • Go to a family entertainment event or activity and have your child figure out the cost for 2 or 3 admissions.
  • Have your child calculate the miles to your family vacation, the cost of gasoline for the trip, calculate travel time if going 70 miles per hour on average.
  • Go to a movie and have your child figure elapsed time based upon the movie times.
  • Have your child figure out how many days until their birthday, July 4th, or any other special event. Ask if there is an easier way to figure it out without counting each individual day.
  • Plan a family even and have your child calculate the cost of food for picnic, or concession costs at a movie.